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Washington's Intensive Intervention Implementation Story

To best support this work at the local level, state agency staff at OSPI undertook a year of internal skill-building work related to their personal knowledge related to intensive intervention in academics and behavior. Once a foundation was built, OSPI, NCII, and the Central Valley School District (CVSD) partnered to conduct a two-year (2018-2019 and 2019-2020) training series focused on implementation of data-based individualization (DBI) across the district. The training series began with CVSD district leaders coordinating with schools to construct teams of educators who would attend the training series. Teams from eight participating elementary schools included multidisciplinary staff representative of building principals, school psychologists, special education teachers, interventionists, reading specialists, and general education teachers. Each team starting the training series by completing a self-assessment of their knowledge and skills related to DBI implementation and of their site’s baseline level of implementation. Data from this self-assessment was used to inform content for the training series.

In addition to providing participating elementary schools with professional development through regular training during the two year series, each school was paired with an implementation coach. The role of the implementation coach was to support buildings as they incorporated learning from the DBI training series and worked on installing that learning into the daily practice within their buildings. Each coach met with building teams in the off months between professional development sessions and was available to answer questions, provide resources, and give support on an as-needed basis. Coaches were primary OSPI staff, however, we did also have coaching support from faculty at Eastern Washington University, a university local to CVSD.

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Washington implementation story