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Oregon's Intensive Intervention Implementation Story

For over 15 years the Oregon Response to Instruction and Intervention (ORTIi) project has worked with districts across the State of Oregon to implement comprehensive multi-tiered systems of prevention and intervention support to improve literacy instruction that would allow each and every child in the state to become a successful reader. In 2017, ORTII partnered with the National Center on Intensive Intervention and the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) to further build capacity for implementation of intensive intervention at the local education agency (LEA) level. To date, the NCII partnership between ORTIi, ODE, and NCII conducted a pilot implementation of DBI in a local district focused on literacy interventions, supported a large cadre of districts state-wide to build integrated systems of academic and behavior supports, and conducted a series of webinars on a range of broad, fundamental topics covering high-quality, evidence-based support for students with intensive needs, including students with disabilities.

Today, the ORTIi project has become a leader throughout Oregon and across the nation as a center for professional learning, and an innovator of systematic implementation of culturally responsive and evidence-based best practices.

View the video to learn more about the story of the ORTIi project from its beginnings, its evolution through critical lessons learned and partnerships fostered such as NCII, and how the project is currently poised and positioned as an essential partner for districts and other agencies to improve reading outcomes for each and every child