Strengthening Intensive Intervention Preparation: A Guide for Faculty

Strengthening Intensive Intervention Preparation: A Guide for Faculty

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Special education teachers must have the skills to design and deliver intensive interventions for students with severe and persistent learning and behavioral needs. To ensure effective instruction for these students, preservice preparation programs must provide their teacher candidates with opportunities to learn, apply, and practice intensive intervention skills. Teacher preparation faculty play a critical role in ensuring the next generation of teachers have these opportunities.

This guide explains how teacher preparation faculty can incorporate resources from the National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII) into preservice teacher preparation coursework and clinical experiences. The guide is organized by four types of courses that teacher candidates are likely to experience during the preparation program: introductory courses, methods courses, assessment courses, and clinical or practicum courses. For each type of course, the guide lists common learning objectives for preservice teachers. Next, the guide identifies applicable NCII resources to address the learning objectives and offers suggestions for how faculty or candidates can use the resources in the course. The guide also includes program spotlights that feature examples of how faculty who participated in NCII’s faculty summer workshop have integrated NCII resources into their courses.

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