Parents and families are critical partners in supporting students with intensive academic and behavioral needs. It is important to recognize that every parent and family member is different, with varying levels of knowledge and comfort with school; they may not consider their involvement in the school in the same way that the school perceives it. As a result, our approach to parent and family engagement should be differentiated. It is important to:

  • share information about the school’s approach to multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) and data-based individualization (DBI) to ensure that families have an understanding of the process,
  • ask parents and families for information about their child, and
  • invite them to be a part of the process as relevant.

This section provides resources and suggestions for how educators can encourage parent and family engagement in the DBI process and links to places where parents and families can learn more about DBI or get support through their local parent centers.

Tools and Resources to Support Engagement:

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Communicating with parents and families early in the MTSS process (Tiers 1 and 2) helps to ensure that parents are not surprised when their student needs more intensive intervention.