Behavior Basics: Understanding Principles of Behavior

Behavior Basics: Understanding Principles of Behavior

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The purpose of this module, Behavior Basics: Understanding Principles of Behavior, is to gain foundational knowledge of what behavior is, how behavior is defined, and what environmental factors influence behavior. This foundational knowledge is core to understanding behavior, supporting students with challenging behavior, and later, diagnosing function of behavior and developing effective behavioral interventions.

By the end of this module, you will be able to:
  • Define behavior in terms that are observable and measurable.
  • Identify components within a three-term contingency.
  • Identify antecedents and consequences.
  • Identify examples of positive and negative reinforcement.
  • Define modeling, shaping, and extinction

The module is intended to be delivered by a trained, knowledgeable professional. It includes a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes and a workbook.

Behavior Basics Slides (508 Compliant Version)

Behavior Basics Participant Workbook

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