Intensive Intervention an Overview for Parents and Families

Intensive Intervention an Overview for Parents and Families

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National Center on Intensive Intervention & Rhode Island Parent Information Network

overview of intensive intervention for families



Are you a parent or family member who is interested in understanding more about intensive intervention and how to get involved? Are you an educator providing intensive intervention who would like help parents and families understand the supports their child is receiving and how they can engage in the process? This infographic, developed in collaboration with the Rhode Island Parent Information Network, provides an overview of intensive intervention including who, what, where, when, and how. This resource is intended to provide a high-level overview of intensive intervention and should not replace ongoing communication between schools, and parents and families. A Spanish version is also available.




Intensive Intervention an Overview for Parents and Families

La intervención intensiva: Un resumen para padres y familias (Spanish Translation)


Special thanks to Helene Fallon and Michelle Murphey for their review and feedback as well as all of the participants at the 2016 Region 1 Parent Center Conference LEARNING, SHARING, GROWING TOGETHER who shared initial thinking and feedback on these documents. 


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