Self-Paced Features of Explicit Instruction Course

Self-Paced Features of Explicit Instruction Course

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Self-Paced Modules
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National Center on Intensive Intervention
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The course is made up of multiple modules. Modules ranges from 2-5.5 hours to complete. In total it is expected to take 17-20 hours to complete the full course. Module completion certificates are available for each module within the course. You may complete the modules in one sitting or return at a later time to complete it.

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This 4-part course provides learners with an opportunity to extend their understanding of explicit instruction through in-depth exposure to the explicit instruction model and supporting practices required for effective implementation.

This Explicit Instruction course is comprised of four modules:

  1. Modeling and Practicing to Help Students Reach Academic Goals
  2. Supporting Practices: Using Effective Methods to Elicit Frequent Responses
  3. Supporting Practices: Providing Immediate Specific Feedback and Maintaining a Brisk Pace
  4. Evaluating the Use of Explicit Instruction to Support Students' Academic Needs

This course provides a self-directed way to engage with the Features of Explicit Instruction Course Content. As this content is adapted from content designed to support faculty in designing coursework, the depth of content covered in this 4-part course is more extensive than other NCII course offerings. In total this course and the accompanying activities are estimated to take 17-20 hours to complete. Course completion certificates are available at the conclusion of each of the 4 modules and the estimated time for each module is listed in the module overview. In addition, each of the four modules that make up this course include smaller parts. Learners may choose to complete the content over time. When you return to the module, you will be able to continue from where you left off. 

To access this content you will need to log in or register for an account in the PROGRESS Center and NCII Learning Module Library. In addition to the self-paced module, the course includes a collection of resources highlighted in the module and a course completion certificate. You will only be able to access the course completion certificate once you have completed the module. Please contact with any questions.

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