DBI 101: Getting Started with Intensive Intervention

DBI 101: Getting Started with Intensive Intervention

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Self-Paced Modules
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National Center on Intensive Intervention

This four-part course collection provides a guide to available NCII self-paced learning courses for those who are newer to learning about intensive intervention and the data-based individualization (DBI) process. 

The collection begins with an overview and introduction to intensive intervention and then dives deeper into courses focused on the DBI process and key components of the DBI process (e.g., progress monitoring and intensification). 

While it is possible to take the courses individually or in a different order, this collection provides a suggested order for engaging in learning about DBI. 

DBI Process
What is Intensive Intervention/DBI?
Validated Intervention Program
Progress Monitoring
Intervention Adaptation
Implementation Guidance and Considerations
Training Materials
Trainers and Coaches
State and Local Leaders