Leading by Convening Self-Paced Modules

Leading by Convening Self-Paced Modules

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Self-Paced Modules
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National Center for Systemic Improvement

These five self-paced modules are designed to introduce and explain Leading by Convening as a strategy for authentically engaging stakeholders. The five modules introduce the concept of Leading by Convening, the modules contain interactive learning activities, scenarios, informal assessments, and provide tips for applying the principles, tools, and strategies of Leading by Convening. The approximate duration of each module range from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the length of time participants spend on the learning activities in the module . It is recommended that users view the modules sequentially though those with more expertise in Leading by Convening may choose to target areas that meet their needs. In addition, a User Guide is provided to help to assist facilitators in developing learning sessions.


Module 1: Authentic Engagement

Module 2: Coalescing Around Issues

Module 3: Ensuring Relevant Participation

Module 4: Doing the Work Together

Module 5: Reviewing and Reflecting on Engagement Over Time

User Guide

Implementation Guidance and Considerations
Engaging Parents and Families
State and Local Leaders