Tools Charts Review Process

NCII has established a standard review process to evaluate the scientific rigor of academic and behavior assessment tools and interventions that can be used as part of a data-based individualization program for educating students with disabilities who require intensive intervention due to persistent learning and behavior problems.

Reviews are conducted by Technical Review Committees (TRCs) made up of national content and methodological experts using rigorous evidence standards. TRCs, in conjunction with NCII staff and advisors, are responsible for the development of review materials including establishing technical standards and rating rubrics.

Calls for submissions occur on an annual basis. Vendors of evidence-based tools or interventions in accordance with DBI are invited to respond to calls for submissions. Vendors may be product developers, researchers, or other proprietors. A strict conflict of interest protocol is followed in instances of a TRC member submitting their own tool or intervention for review. Read about the review process here for more information. Submitters of tools or programs will be required to complete an evaluation protocol based on established standards. View past calls to learn more about the submission requirements.

Questions about submissions can be directed to Julia Casasanto-Ferro at or

Call for Behavior Screening and Progress Monitoring Tools – Open