Effective Instruction for Adolescent Struggling Readers - Second Edition

Effective Instruction for Adolescent Struggling Readers - Second Edition

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This second edition of the Effective Instruction for Adolescent Struggling Readers professional development module is a revision of the 2008 version and presents information based on findings from Interventions for Adolescent Struggling Readers: A Meta-Analysis with Implications for Practice (Scammacca et al., 2007) and recommendations discussed in Improving Adolescent Literacy: Effective Classroom and Intervention Practices: A Practice Guide from IES (Kamil et al., 2008).


This suite of resources developed by the Center on Instruction has two purposes. First, it is designed to guide the delivery of instruction for adolescent struggling readers, particularly secondary interventions in the general education context. Second, it seeks to deepen technical assistance providers’ knowledge of reading-related issues for adolescents with reading difficulties and learning disabilities and enrich providers’ work with SEAs and LEAs. Detailing selected research-based instructional practices associated with positive effects for adolescent struggling readers, the suite comprises (a) a meta-analysis, (b) a practice brief, (c) a professional development module, and (d) training of trainers materials.

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